AQF level 5 arborist

What Is AQF Level 5 Arborist

Looking For AQF level 5 arborist? where there are many degrees students can pursue in a university, Associate of Science in Arboriculture is one of its kind that helps you extend your love for the environment by learning to care for trees. Qualified AQF level 5 arborist must have undergone topics such as horticulture, tree climbing & aerial work, tree ID, landscape business practices, pruning and tree health care, and crew leadership. 

Even though level 5 arborist Gold Coast specializes in providing reports and offering consultation services, they can also offer ordinary arborists’ main services. Before risking your money on any arborist in Gold Coast, you may consider double-checking their qualification, references and insurance.

AQF level 5 arborist

Tree Lopper and AQF level 5 arborist: what’s the difference?

To many, the two seem similar, but in reality, they both serve different purposes. Tree loppers lack the experience and qualification for safe tree removal and pruning. For these reasons, a tree lopper will charge less because the task is done poorly and without experience.

Furthermore, level 5 arborist Gold Coast knows tree species and their root structure, allowing them to safeguard and protect the environment and structures around them. Again, the arborist focuses more on tree health and the surrounding environment than the removal itself.

Why hire level 5 arborist Gold Coast

Tree pruning: In a tree’s life, pruning is essential to keep it growing healthy. There is no better-qualified personnel than AQF level 5 arborists capable of handling pruning services without hurting your trees or the surrounding environment. Through their knowledge, experience and understanding of tree species, a level 5 arborist can optimize tree pruning to minimize wind resistance while improving accessibility.

Tree removal: cutting and removing tree services can be a dangerous and most challenging task, especially if it’s between structures. It needs the necessary skills and equipment, especially when dealing with bulky and heavy trees. The kind of training level 5 arborist Gold Coast goes through enables them to safely and efficiently remove a tree without causing damages.


If you need to plant trees in your compound, a level 5 arborist can advise you on the right tree species that will thrive in your surroundings. They can also advise you on keeping your tree healthy and overcoming pest invasion and diseases. Other than that, an AQF level 5 arborist can also provide a report that helps you with a long term tree management plan.

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