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8 Garden Hazards That May Be Unsafe For Your Pets

While a garden can be a haven for your pets to run and play in a natural environment, there may be dangers lurking in your garden that threaten their safety. Taking all necessary precautions ensures that your garden is safe for your pets to explore.

When moving into a new property, it is important to inspect the garden thoroughly and do routine maintenance checks around the garden for any hazardous items.

As North Shore tree removal and garden maintenance professionals, we highlight eight potential hazards in your garden.

Dead Trees

Dead trees may look innocent, but in most cases, they could fall at any time injure your pets.

Poisonous Plants

Many popular plants may be growing in your garden that are actually toxic to your cats and dogs. These include hydrangeas, lilies, daffodils, and so many more plant species.

Vegetable Gardens

If you have a vegetable garden, it may be a good idea to ensure that your pets can’t get into it. Not only may they destroy it, but some vegetables, such as tomatoes, can be poisonous.

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Unused furniture, green waste and other trash lying around your garden may be potentially hazardous to your pets. There could be nails and wires that could injure them, or trash could topple over onto them.


If your pets spend a lot of time outdoors, they should be screened for parasites regularly.

Ticks & Fleas

Ensure your pet has its monthly or quarterly tick and flea prevention treatment.


Any pesticides or poisons you use in your garden should be locked away so your pets cannot investigate them. Also, be careful when using pesticides in your garden and ensure that your pets are locked inside.


Your pets should not be able to access your pool without supervision. Even if you believe your pet to be a capable swimmer, accidents can still happen and it is very important to have a fence enclosing your pool.

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